Saturday, June 16, 2012

WWDC 2012 - My Most Memorable Tweets Collection

My (@EdInUbuntu) most memorable Tweets during WWDC 2012 week, from the very beginning til the last day.
  • Tourist Bus Driver: Mr. Hu left hes coat in the hotel. We wait for him a minute here.
  • Last day being at #WWDC, and got only few sessions left. I will miss here so much.
  • dispatch_get_main_queue()
  • During #WWDC session break, my favorite DJ plays song is “Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know.” Just bought it from the iTunes Store.
  • @dannygreg Nice to meet you, thanks for sharing some best practices with me! Have a good time rest of the week.
  • Just arrived Appsterdam WWDC HQ! At @StackMob HQ
  • @featherless @heroku Feel so honor, glad, thankful, happy that I can attended too. Rocks!
  • I left my bugs in San Francisco.
  • @mattt @cocoapodsorg: What a great meet-up, lots of popular rock in the house! Me and @zetachang enjoy it so much. Thanks so much!
  • The T-Shirt what people wear represented the past, right now, and the future. #WWDC
  • There are heartwarming stories out there of what the combination of our incredible devices and your amazing apps have made in peoples lives.
  • @pixelcon Thanks for the party, and the T-Shirt is amazing, we love Crashlytics so much! See you this week.
  • Fuel your body, feed your Mac. #WWDC
  • ShawnKing: Cant's sleep. Watching WWDC Keynote. Does any other tech company make "Thank You" videos that make grown men tear up? Remarkable.
  • Just get in the waiting line for #WWDC, it’s 5:12 AM.
  • To @dlackty, @testflightapp team said they remember you were here #WWDC last year, and wanna say hi to you.
  • Next to the Moscone South, waiting for the afternoon #Pilgrimage to #Cupertino. #WWDC
  • Who is Edward Chiang, @polydice? But you are Chiang Chung-Chuan! … After all, went to member service line to explained for the badge name.
  • Yes, we are here With @zetachang, @polydice, waiting in line for #WWDC badge.
  • To the airport, with @zetachang #WWDC

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